Ecologo-Certified Detergent Free Cleaning


One Earth Carpet Cleaner and Rinse

Cleans without the use of synthetic surfactant chemistry. The unique formulation of Carpet Cleaner and Rinse turns all soils and surfactant residues into free rinsing soaps for fast, complete removal. This product is also an ideal rinse aid to neutralize alkali or acid residues from carpets and upholstery.

As the product cleans, it converts from an alkali to an acid, and when it is completely dry, it is pH neutral. Use in low moisture cleaning systems and with portables and truckmount extraction equipment. Works great as a prespray and low moisture cleaner for light to moderately soiled carpeting. For heavier soils, use as an emulsifying rinse after cleaning with One Earth Carpet Cleaner and Prespray. Safe for use on wool and stain-resist carpeting.


One Earth Carpet Cleaner and Prespray

One Earth’s Carpet Cleaner combines with carpet soils and surfactant residues to make them free rinsing to leave carpets residue-free and clean. An alkaline pretreatment formulation, Carpet Cleaner is ideal for use on traffic lanes and other heavily soiled carpeting areas. Comes in powdered form for maximum economy. Carpet Cleaner may be used as a prespray or as a rinse.


One Earth Cleanser

This product is a safe non-acidic formula that provides an effective corrective cleaner and polish that contains no surfactants or solvents. It can be used for restoring the shine to sinks, plastic tubs, water taps, stainless steel sinks and other metal surfaces. It can be diluted for surface area cleaning of tubs, showers and therapeutic pools and will not harm metals or acrylic surfaces.


One Earth Rug and Upholstery Cleaner

This product is an acid-side prespray for use on textiles that are at risk for bleeding when treated in alkaline conditions. Use as prespray or as neutralizing rinse. Minimal foaming and easy rinsing.