Biokleen is the only company in the Natural Products Industry to have an official Formulating Partnership with the EPA’s Design for the Environment.
Biokleen takes extraordinary measures to address all aspects of the environmental and health implications of household cleaners. For over 17 years Biokleen has been on the leading edge of the science behind this ever-evolving category. Formulator and creator of Biokleen, Jim Rimer, is an important contributor to committees and associations uncovering the pros and cons of various ingredients used in household and industrial cleaners. Jim has chosen to work to influence the direction of this category in a positive way that will protect the environment and individual health. Because there are no governmental regulations imposed on companies to disclose their full ingredient list, it falls on the integrity of companies to: Keep abreast of new information on harmful ingredients Make ethical decisions on what to include in their products Biokleen takes these issues as their mandate and offers the safest (environmental and personal health), most leading-edge formulas available today.

Biokleen uses third parties as a method of verifying environmental claims and programs. Biokleen uses the EPA Design for the Environment, Berg Environmental CHMM, Content Verified, and University of MASS Lowell and Coffee Labs. Biokleen uses Attributes from the Unified Green Cleaning Alliance, a collaborative effort by formulators, purchasers, the EPA, scientists, cleaning contractors and other end users of cleaning products, that developed criteria for cleaning products with a positive environmental profile.

Biokleen has worked with the EPA’s Design for the Environment for some time. Their formulating standards are in line with the latest thinking concerning the environment and health, using data from their own scientists as well as data from top scientists around the world. Biokleen is the only company in the natural products industry to be an official Formulating Partner, meaning we provide ingredient lists for the Design for the Environment, and have made a commitment to formulate products with positive environmental profiles.

There are no USDA National Organic Program standards/regulations at this point in time, so household cleaners cannot legally be called “certified organic”. Biokleen has taken a pro-active approach to this fact. We have contracted with Content Verified, Inc. to verify that specific Biokleen products are compatible with the USDA NOP. This directly relates to this issue: retailers and manufacturers of organic foods and products (even those that are certified organic!) may be using harmful, non-compatible (to the USDA National Organic Program NOP) cleaning products in their stores and in their plants. To address this, Biokleen has begun the process of having Content Verified review products for compatibility to the NOP for some of our products. Biokleen has been Third-Party Certified to meet or exceed UCGA Attributes:

  • Not toxic to humans or aquatic life.
  • No carcinogens.
  • No teratogens.
  • No mutagens.
  • No neurotoxins.
  • Not corrosive to skin or eyes.
  • Low potential to be absorbed by skin.
  • No respiratory irritants.
  • No skin sensitizers.
  • Must be biodegradable.
  • Must not bioaccumulate.
  • No endocrine disruptors.
  • No ozone depleting substances.
  • Low VOC levels.
  • No alkylphenolethoxylates.
  • No 2-butoxyethanol.
  • No toxic metals.
  • Less .5% phosphates (Biokleen has 0%).
  • Full disclosure of ingredients to third parties.
  • ANSI formatted MSDS sheets.
  • Packaging must be recyclable.
  • No chlorinated packaging (PVC).
  • Cleaning products must be effective when diluted.